About US


With core values such as honesty, passion, and persistence,we promise to become a company you can trust.


Founded in 1999, Ilsung has made efforts for localization and cost reduction by focusing on the maintenance of rotating machinery, piping, facilities in plant business areas, including chemical industry complexes located in the Yeosu area.

We look for value in what we do with a spirit of SERVICE going beyond what our customers demand as we try to build up our skills through customer satisfaction in becoming a better company.

Since 2002, we have also been expanding the scope of construction through SERVICES concerning rotating machinery and plumbing, and we promise to recruit young and energetic personnel for better work.

We are making every effort to develop technologies and provide the best SERVICE based on our experiences. With the KOSHA 18001 certification, we in Ilsung are committed to safety and health activities of the entire business establishment. In the future, we promise to do our best in every way as we continue to study and strive based on our management ideology, and we ask for your continued encouragement and support.

Thank you.